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Welcome students and supporters of Kingston University. We  are committed to academic excellence and fostering a meaningful vision of who we are has human beings. We do this by providing interested students with quality education in the field of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Business Administration, Massage Therapy and English language training. Our goal is to provide a solid intellectual foundation as well as an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and deep experience of the subject matter. 

Our school of Health Science houses nursing advancement, Oriental Medicine, and Massage Therapy programs. The Oriental Medicine is multidisciplinary in design.  Students will master the thousands year old proven healing arts employed by the Oriental Medicine as well as  well as become knowledgeable in key Western clinical science. With the broadening recognition and appreciation of Traditional Oriental Medicine in the natural health care industry and insurance industry, graduates from our Master of Science in Oriental Medicine will become valuable contributors to the constant efforts dedicated to the sustained health of our community living.

We all know that the success of medical practices involves cooperative team works from multilevel expertise. Kingston University offers Registered Nurse advancement program, the RN-to-BSN program and comprehensive programs in Massage Therapy to prepare students for careers and licensing and to facilitate the process of administering health care and treatment to the community. 

In the Business Administration training, we focus on cultivating business professional competencies in emerging business patterns and management trends for today and the future. With our curriculum characterized by multicultural dynamics of global business and our multicultural learning environment, students will master the business management leadership necessary for successful entrepreneurs with global vision.

For our international students, Kingston University provides an English as a Second Language program to prepare them for their future pursuit of careers and/or further education in the U.S. We give international students guidance in appreciating a different life in the new environment and culture. 

We at Kingston University are dedicated to the values of excellence and professionalism that will make the academic experience both a rewarding personal and professional advance milestone. I am sure your experience at Kingston University will open the mind to a whole different level of understanding in the micro-university of human being and to more options for career development.

I sincerely welcome each and every one of you to participating in our educational venture, and invest your best efforts to pursue the career degrees leading you to bountiful success and personal gratification. 

Richard H. Gayer, Ph. D

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