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English as Second Language Course Descriptions

i)     ESL Level 1- 180 Clock Hours

This beginning level of ESL class is designed for students with little English proficiency. Students will be working on building their vocabulary base and beginning reading, writing, grammar, listening and pronunciation skills leading to daily conversation ability.

ii)     ESL Level 2 – 180 hours

Students will expand vocabulary and increase conversation practice under a school setting and in the field.

iii)    ESL Level 3 – 180 hours

Students will continue on reading, writing and oral skill development and begin learning idiomatic expressions. Students will also be exposed to the American culture experience.

iv)     ESL Level 4 – 180 hours

This class will further develop students’ grammar and fluency in various usages while continuing on expanding vocabulary and improving conversational skill. Students will also start preparing for the TOEFL exam.

v)      ESL Level 5 – 180 hours

Students will start learning public speaking and writing in a business format while continuing on preparing for the TOEFL exam.

vi)     ESL Pre-College – 180 hours

This is an ESL level that is designed to help students preparing for college course work including academic lectures and study techniques for research.

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