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Kingston University admits students each term the programs are offered. Students are recommended to meet with their academic advisor before they register for classes each term. Students should also note that registration for classes are required in order to keep up with their academic plan for which they were approved for enrollment and meet prerequisite requirements.   Students may obtain registration forms and information at the Registrar’s office.
Enrollment Agreement
The University makes all efforts to encourage students to visit the University prior to enrolling in any classes for a tour of the campus and facilities, and clarifying any questions they may have. Upon confirming their understanding of the program, the University’s performance and other relevant information, students are required to sign an Enrollment Agreement with the University. The Enrollment Agreement is a written contract between a student and the University concerning an educational program the student desires to study and complete. After the agreement is signed, both the student and the University keep one original copy for record.
Add & Drop Policy

Students may add or drop classes at no charge during the registration period of each term. After the normal registration period, students are required to submit an Add/Drop form for any changes to their schedule and are subjected to Add/Drop charge as listed in the current Tuition and Fee schedule.

Students may add classes by the end of the first week of instruction of each quarter or the end of the second week if the program is operated in the semester system. Any Adds made after the Add/Drop period must be approved by the instructor and the Academic Dean. An Add application cannot be completed until the required charge(s) are paid.
Drop applications must be filed with the Registrar prior to the 7th week of the quarter or the 10th week of the semester. Prorated refunds for dropped classes will be calculated from the date of the request.

Add and Drop Policy is not applicable to students enrolled in Diploma & Training Programs.
Student Classification

Full-time: a student is considered a full-time status if he/she is enrolled for:

  • 12 or more semester units at undergraduate level each semester
  • 9 semester units at graduate level each semester
  • 8 quarter units at graduate level each quarter

Part-time: a student enrolls for less than any of the above full-time unit criteria

Late Registration
Students are urged to complete registration before the term begins. Those who have not completed registration by the last day of the registration period may enroll in courses before the last day for late registration by paying a late registration fee of $100. Students are not allowed to register after the late registration deadline unless approved by the instructor of the classes the students wish to enroll and the Dean.
Attendance Policy

Students of Kingston University are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions, and are required to arrive on time, and to stay for the entire schedule class. To receive credit for any single course, the student must attend no less than 20% of the objective lecture hours unless excused. The instructor may assign extra work, require special examinations, or refuse to grant credit for a course if the number of absences is excessive. Unless excused by the instructor, any student arriving twenty (20) minutes after the scheduled class start time may be subjected to a deduction in class time credit. Unexcused tardy arrival sixty (60) minutes after scheduled class start time will be treated as an absence.

Students should ascertain the exact policy of each faculty member at the beginning of each course. Students must attend the first class meeting or they may be unofficially dropped by the instructor, resulting in a failing grade. Only registered students, University faculty and administrators, and guests invited by the instructor may attend classes. All other will be asked to leave.


Absences may be excused for childbirth, documented illness, injury, death in the family, or other emergency situations acceptable to the Academic Standards Committee. Students should call the Registrar or a Dean as soon as possible when they are certain of imminent absence, and give an estimate of the duration of the absence. Excessive absence will adversely affect class credit hours.
All work missed due to absence or lateness must be made up to the satisfaction of the instructor in order to receive credit for the course.

Instructors may, at their own option, arrange for made-up examinations, in cases of excused absence (see section on make-up examinations for details).  Instructors are not required to provide make-ups for examinations missed due to unexcused absence or lateness, and will normally assign a failing grade for that examination.

Excessive absence is defined as absence in excess of 20% of scheduled classroom hours in didactic courses, or absence in excess of 10% of scheduled clinic training course hours.  Instructors will report excessive absences to the Registrar.  The student may be asked to appear before the Academic Standards Committee and the instructor.  Failure to appear at the meeting may result in a failing grade, and may also result in suspension or dismissal.

If the excessive absences are classified as excused, the Committee may recommend to the instructor that make-up work be arranged, or that the student be suspended from the class with no penalty grade assigned.

If the excessive absences are not classified as excused, the Committee may:

  1. Place the student on probation, giving provisions for return to good standing;
  2. Suspend the student for the remainder of the class meetings with no penalty grade assigned.  Any tuition refund due shall be that provided for in the university’s refund policies.  The date of notice of termination of study, as required for all tuition refunds, shall be the date of the Committee’s decision.
  3. Suspend the student for the remainder of the class meetings with a failing grade assigned.
  4. Recommend to the President that the student be dismissed from the university.

Students enrolled in the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine must also observe the Attendance Requirement for Clinical Training Courses (see Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program for information)

Audit Classes
Students who wish to audit a class may do so if they have previously taken and passed a course at KINGSTON.  Audit and other non-credit courses are not included in fulfilling the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students are required to pay 50% of the course tuition, registration fee and material fee. An AU, Audit Grade, will be recorded in the student’s official transcript.
Class Schedule
Class schedules are filled with the Registrar’s office and available to students in time for student registration before the beginning of each term. The schedule may be revised after the term has begun before the Add/Drop deadline and such changes are filed with the Registrar’s office. Both the initial class schedule and revisions are approved by the Academic Dean.

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