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The Associate in Science, Business Administration program incorporates specialty courses in accounting, management, marketing, international business, and computer information systems. The courses provide students with the knowledge of management concepts, procedures, operations, and problem-solving techniques needed for employment or advancement. The program also prepare students for the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and beyond in business administration to become future leaders and managers in a dynamic, globally integrated business world.



Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand fundamental business theories and models;
  2. Communicate effectively and professionally in business administration situations through physical or virtual presence, writing, speaking, listening and electronic media
  3. Use quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to support business management and organizational decision making
  4. Describe economic, environmental, political , ethical, legal and regulatory contexts of global organizational management policies
  5. Evaluate potential for business success and consider implementation issues including financial, legal, operational and administrative procedures
  6. Identify business administration problems and opportunities and formulate an action plan
  7. Manage by using team building skills and facilitate collaborative behaviors in the accomplishment of group goals
  8. Work effectively respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender and other backgrounds, as well as with people with different organizational roles, social affiliations, and personalities
  9. Analyze the information content of organizational processes and use information technology
  10. Utilize research methods to collect and analyze information regarding management concepts

Students may be admitted to the AS program after they have completed General Education courses or be enrolled, concurrently, in General Education courses, which must be completed prior to completion of the AS program, and with a minimum G.P.A. attained must be of 2.0 or better. General Education courses are designed to give each student a breadth of experience in various academic disciplines. These learning experiences provide an introductory base to different fields of study and discuss how each disciple conducts its research, thus adding to general knowledge. GE courses are offered at community/city colleges.

To meet the graduation unit requirements, students are required to complete 21 units in General Education Courses, 39 units in Business Foundation and Core Courses.

The courses are listed below

General Education Course Required: 21 Semester Units

Category Minimum Requirement Example of Subject Area
English & Communication 2 courses or 6 semester units College English *
Humanities 2 courses or 6 semester units History *
Critical Thinking
Foreign Languages
Mathematics 1 course or 3 semester units College Algebra
Social Science 1 course or 3 semester units Sociology
Political Science
Science & Technology 1 course or 3 semester units Biology
General Physics
Computer Science
* Required course    

Business Foundation and Core Course Required: 39 Semester Units

Foundation Courses: 18 Semester Units
Course No. Course Title Total Contact Hours Total Credit Hour
BU 1000 Introduction to Business Management 45 3
EC 2420 Principles of Macroeconomics 45 3
BU 2400 Business Statistics 45 3
BU 2050 Business Law 45 3
AT 2110 Accounting Principles I 45 3
AT 2120 Accounting Principles II 45 3
  TOTAL 270 18
Required Core Course: 21 Semester Units
Course No. Course Title Total Contact Hours Total Credit Hour
BU 2010 Computer Information Systems 45 3
BU 2000 Management Theory and Practice 45 3
MK 3200 Principles of Marketing 45 3
BU 3600 Organizational Behavior 45 3
BU 3050 Business Ethics 45 3
BU 3020 Human Resources Management 45 3
FN 3300 Introduction to Finance 45 3
  TOTAL 315 21

Total Program Requiredment: 39 Semester Units

(With completion of 21 semester units or the equivalent in GE courses)

Graduation Requirements

To receive the Associate in Science in Business Administration career degree, students must meet the following academic requirements:

  • completed 21 units in General Education Courses
  • completed 39 units in Business Foundation and Core Courses
  • maintained a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 or better
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