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Kingston University offers a wide spectrum of English training courses to students of various needs. The academically oreinted English as a Second Language Courses are designed for non-English individuals who aim to achieve the English proficiency level required for succeeding a career-oriented vocational training program and aid in the employability of the student, or admission to college degree programs.The Conversation and American Culture courses focus on enhancing the verbal communication skills of Non-English speakers who possess pre-existing vocational knowledge, training, or skills, but cannot use that knowledge, training or skill becuase of an English speaking deficiency.

Each course is 180 hours long and can be completed in ten weeks. Upon entry to the program and before exit, Kingston University will administer a nationally recognized exam of English comprehension such as a test of English as a Foreign Language or a Test of Spoken English. Students will be placed into an appropriate level course for development of their English abilities based on the assessment test result. Students will be awarded a certificate of complete upon successfully completing each course to recognize their performance and skill achievement and confirm their readiness for advancing to a course at the next Level or pursuit for degree program or career development.
The ESL courses are not vocational in nature and do not lead to initial employment. While the course prepare students for admission to a career oriented or academic training program and succedding the training, and aid in their employability, the coures are not a prereqisite for admission to and do not provide credits toward any vocational programs at Kingston University.



Program Objectives

Upon completion, the student should be able to:

1. Demonstrate an ability to use verbal and auditory skills necessary for succeeding in their career and aid in the employability of the students, or within an American college setting.
2. Understand areas for further development and refinement of English communication skills.
3. Function within American culture using English as a supportive language to pursue further college or graduate training.
4. Demonstrate an ability to do complex research projects using English as their secondary language.
5. Take and pass a nationally recognized TOEFL exam for admission to their selected college or university. 

Program Outline
i) EL0001 ESL Level 1 - 180 Clock Hours
This course is more than an introduction to English as a second language. It expands proper use of L2, idioms, speaking and opens the door to academic writing. It also provides authentic speaking activities such as presentation and two and three way conversation practice to prepare students to succeed outside the language classroom. Level 1 balances your understanding of L2, with everyday use of the English language. This beginning level of ESL class is designed for students with little English proficiency. Students will be working on building their vocabulary based and beginning reading, writing, grammar, listening and pronunciation skills leading to daily conversation ability.
ii) EL0002 ESL Level 2 - 180 Clock Hours
This course provides a variety of tools that you the adult learner can use beyond the classroom, moving you into the practical use of L2 for conversation, and as a launching pad for the higher levels proficiency in preparation for college course English proficiency. Level 2 increases the use of English to improve your understanding and immersion into L2. Students will expand vocabulary and increase conversation practice under a school setting and in the field.
iii) EL0003 ESL Level 3 - 180 Clock Hours
This course provides a variety of tools that you the adult learner can use beyond the classroom, moving you deeper into the full time use of L2 for standard college courses and the business world. Beyond basics, the level 3 course expands not only your understanding of L2, but also your everyday use – thus practice – of English. Students will continue with reading, writing and oral skill development and begin learning idiomatic expressions. Students will also be exposed to the American culture experience.
iv) EL0004 ESL Level 4 - 180 Clock Hours
At level 4, students continue to develop speaking and listening skills necessary for participating in classroom discussions leading up to the production of clear oral presentation and critical listening skills. The student will follow orally expressed multi-step directions appropriate to the level; understand factual information and respond appropriately to comprehensive questions and; learn by practice, to take notes on contemporary topics (e.g., news items, reports, etc.). This class will further develop students’ grammar and fluency in various usages while continuing on expanding vocabulary and improving conversational skills. Students will also start preparing for the TOEFL exam.
v) EL0005 ESL Level 5 - 180 Clock Hours
Students will start learning and practicing public speaking and writing in a business format while continuing to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Students will present in class recorded contemporary topics such as but not limited to the news, weather, sports and finance. ESL Level 5 is referred to as the Kingston News, and is recorded once per week during the term.
vi) EL0006 ESL Pre-College - 180 Clock Hours
Students will be presenting public speech topics of their choice. The onset class sets out the subjects that are approached each week. The student then researches the topic and reduces their research to a written form – or down to a group of notes. The notes authored by the student, are then used to present their speech topic. The course objective is to pull the student outside the comfort zone into a live recorded English speaking challenge as they present their topics every other week. ESL Level 6 is referred to as the Public Speech class, and is recorded once per week during the term. This is an ESL level that is designed to help students prepare for college level course work including academic lectures and study techniques for research.
There are ten weeks of classes for each level. Class design would include in-class interactive instructions and labor exercises to complete a total of 180 hours at each class level.

Kingston University's ESL program participates in the TOEFL ITP assessment test program offered by ETS.  The University administers TOEFL® ITP assessment tests for placement, progress evaluation, exit testing and other lower-stakes situations. The TOEFL ITP tests are previously administered TOEFL tests and offers an affordable and reliable assessment of English-language skills.

Kingston University also welcomes prospective international students to take TOEFL ITP assessment tests at Kinston University. Students may contact the Admission office for information on registering for a TOEFL ITP test.

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