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Cheating and Plagiarisms Policies
A student may be failed or dismissed for academic dishonesty, or for acts or inattention that violate general, personable or professional ethics.  At the discretion of the Academic Standards Committee, a student may be dismissed from the University for behavior disruptive to the educational mission of the University, such as, but not limited to, those stated below:
  • Cheating, bribery, or plagiarism including copyright infringement, in connection with any Kingston University program;
  • Forgery, alteration or misuse of University documents, records or identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to the University;
  • Misrepresentation of oneself or of an organization to be an agent of the University;
  • Obstruction or disruption on or off-campus property, of the campus educational process administrative process, or other campus function;
  • Physical, mental or verbal abuse, on or off campus property, of the person or property of any member of the campus community, or members of his/her family or the threat of such physical, mental or verbal abuse;
  • Theft of or non-accidental damage to University property or property in the possession of or owned by a member of the University community;
  • Unauthorized entry into, unauthorized use, or misuse of University property;
  • Sale or knowing possession of dangerous drugs, restricted dangerous drugs, or narcotics, also known as controlled substances,  as those terms are used in California statues and Federal laws, except when lawfully prescribed pursuant to medical or dental care, or when lawfully permitted for the purpose of research, instruction or analysis;
  • Lewd, indecent, or obscene behavior on University property or at a University function;
  • Abusive behavior directed toward a member of the University community;
  • Violation of any order of the University President, notice of which has been given prior to such violation and during the academic term in which the violation occurs, either by publication or by posting on an official bulletin board designed for this purpose, and which order is not inconsistent with any of the other provisions of this section;
  • Soliciting or assisting another to do any act that would subject a student to dismissal, suspension, or probation pursuant to this section;
  • Practicing acupuncture without a license.  The administration will refer any indication of such activity to the California Acupuncture Board for investigation and, if substantiated, for prosecution.
The President of the University, at his discretion and prior to recommendations or actions of the Academic Standards Committee, in the interests of the University may place on probation, suspend or dismiss a student for one or more of the causes enumerated above.  Any adjustment of fees or tuition shall be those required by law.
Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy
Sexual harassment, assault, sexual assault or battery of any type will not be tolerated by the University.  Any person who perceives that they have been a victim of sexual harassment, assault, sexual assault or battery, must contact the Academic Dean’s office.  The Academic Dean will investigate the allegations and take appropriate action to first protect the person who has claimed victim status and to then to discipline the offender where proven.  Offenders will be terminated from employment if an employee, dropped or dismissed from school if a student, replaced if a faculty member. 
Weapon-Free, Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free Policy
KINGSTON University has a strict Weapons, Drugs and Alcohol free campus policy in accordance with local, state and federal laws and guidelines. Employees and students are expressly prohibited from carrying, any weapons and from selling, possessing or using controlled substances unless for appropriate medicinal use as prescribed by authorized medical practitioners, or as related to any weapon, exception is made for any duly sworn police officer attending enrolled as a student here at Kingston University. Further, no person shall enter or remain on campus while impaired or otherwise under the influence of any controlled substance, duly prescribed or otherwise. The sale of any controlled substance on campus or at any University function by a student is strictly prohibited.

It is the policy of the school that the learning environment be free of addictive substances. Specifically, all members of the University community, which includes administrators, faculty, staff, students and guests, will abstain from the consumption or use of alcohol, narcotics, and /or misuse of prescription drugs while on University property and on any trips or projects sponsored by the school.

The specific rules and guidelines are:
  1. All employees and students are forbidden to use, possess, transfer or sell illegal drugs or alcohol beverages on school premises or during any such time while on school-sponsored field trips or projects.
  2. All employees and students are prohibited from being under the influence of any drug or alcohol while on school premises. If an employee or student is taking a prescription or non-prescription drug that may affect job performance and/or safety, the administrator, or any person in charge, may make transportation available for the employee or student to his/her home or the home of a relative at the expense of the person under said influence.
  3. Any off duty employee or student who is arrested and charged with the possession, use, or being under the influence of or selling illegal drugs will be suspended pending the outcome of the judicial proceedings. The employee or student will be discharged or dis-enrolled if subsequently convicted of a drug-related crime.
  4. Illegal use and /or possession of drugs are subject to criminal legal sanctions under local, state and federal law. Such use or possession is not welcome on campus or at any University function.

Students of Kingston University are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions, and are required to arrive on time, and to stay for the entire schedule class. To receive credit for any single course, the student must attend no less than 20% of the objective lecture hours unless excused. The instructor may assign extra work, require special examinations, or refuse to grant credit for a course if the number of absences is excessive. Unless excused by the instructor, any student arriving twenty (20) minutes after the scheduled class start time may be subjected to a deduction in class time credit. Unexcused tardy arrival sixty (60) minutes after scheduled class start time will be treated as an absence.

Students should ascertain the exact policy of each faculty member at the beginning of each course. Students must attend the first class meeting or they may be unofficially dropped by the instructor, resulting in a failing grade. Only registered students, University faculty and administrators, and guests invited by the instructor may
attend classes. All others will be asked to leave.


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