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Student Academic Services
Kingston University provides students with a broad range of advising and academic counseling assistance, including career advising. Students may arrange appointments with faculty during their regular business hours for consultation on the followings:
  • Determining the most suitable educational program for the student based on the student’s personal interests, background training and future career goal
  • Developing an academic plan that integrates both the needs of program requirements and personal non-academic considerations
  • Planning a career pathway with suggested milestone achievement
  • Choosing courses and suggesting extracurricular activities that maximize opportunities and student potential
  • Suggestions and guidance for succeeding college life
New Student Orientation
Kingston University provides orientation services to first-time students and those transferring from other institutions before they start the first term of study at the University. Students will be acquainted with school policies and procedures, educational opportunities on campus, campus facilities, faculty, administrators and staff. The orientation may be offered to the student on an individual basis during the admissions process or arranged in a session to a group of students with a prior announcement of schedule.
Study Area and Lab Practice
Students may use the library and any classrooms when they are not in class session as study areas and for study groups. Students of the Massage Therapy and Technician programs are encouraged to team up with other students in pairs or by group for practicing skills learned from the supervised lab practice classes. Students may arrange with the Administrator office for using the laboratory practice rooms.
Living and Housing
The University does not offer on-campus housing. The city of Pasadena and the neighboring communities of Arcadia, San Gabriel, Temple City and Alhambra have rental apartments and housing in various price ranges. Students requiring housing assistance may contact the office of Student Affairs for further information. The University does not provide student housing. However, there are many private apartments and boarding houses around the University. The Student Services Office helps students find appropriate housing.
Student Healthcare Services
The Kingston University Alternative Medical Center offers healthcare services to students and their family members at substantially discounted rates for treatment and herbal prescriptions.
International Student Services
With faculty consisting of diversified cultural and language backgrounds, international students will be provided with advice on adjusting to the local culture to help them appreciate a rewarding living experience while staying in the United States.

–      International Student Visa Application Assistance

Kingston University is authorized under the Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students and issue I-20 to international students who meet the Students and Exchange Visitors Program (SEVP) and the University’s admission requirements. International students may refer to International Student Admission section for detail information on applying for the I-20 or contact the University’s Admission Office for more assistance.

View: Admission for International Students

English Assistance
The University welcomes students of different cultural and language backgrounds. The University’s faculty and staff are friendly and enthusiastic in assisting students of various academic and living needs. Students whose native language is not English may seek English assistance at the office of Student Affairs. Charges may be required for elaborate services such as translation of documents.
Career Placement Assistance

Kingston University offers placement assistance to students both within the University and through its networking with alumni, professional practitioners, firms and organizations in various industries. Job opportunities are posted on the bulletin board promptly to ensure equal access to update information by all interested students. Opportunities of interview for prospective job offerings may be arranged on campus.

The University also provides students assistance in preparing a resume and job interviews upon student request. Alumnus and students may also provide their resumes to the University for career or job referral.


The University library provides resources for teaching and learning effectiveness. In an effort to keep students and faculty updated with the latest knowledge of related study areas, the University acquires newly released publications to enhance academic excellence. In addition to book items and audio/visual collections, the University subscribes to journals, magazines and newspapers related to the programs offered by the University.

The University also provides research assistance to students, faculty and staff. Lists of website addresses related to courses and topics of class interests are available to aid on-line researches through the University’s free wireless internet services.

Students may also find additional resources from the Public Library of Pasadena.

Computer Facilities
The University offers computers and auxiliary facilities on campus for use by the student and faculty.  Students, faculty and staff are provided with free wireless internet access throughout the University campus.

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